New Survey Highlights Growing Responsibilities For Legal Operations

OpenText today announced findings from a new report launched at Legaltech 2020 in conjunction with Ari Kaplan Advisors. The report highlights the need to take control of eDiscovery costs, with AI, cloud and security all listed as top priorities for enterprise legal departments.

Key findings from the OpenText 4th Annual Survey of Legal Operations Professionals include:

  • Controlling eDiscovery costs is the ultimate goal: Legal operations teams are focused on controlling eDiscovery costs by gaining transparency from law firms on discovery budgets and review efficiency, centralizing eDiscovery management, benchmarking success and partnering with managed review providers. Corporate legal teams are standardizing their internal process for eDiscovery, and even providing mandates to external counsel. 77 per cent contract directly with eDiscovery vendors, 74 per cent control which eDiscovery vendors their outside counsel uses, and 71 per cent have adopted a centralized approach to managing eDiscovery data. A full 42 per cent have adopted a single vendor model.
  • Increasing use and spend on AI tools: The drive to improve eDiscovery efficiency, spend and outcomes is fueling AI spending and usage. 83 per cent of respondents plan to increase spend in this area and 49 per cent reported using predictive coding (also known as technology-assisted review) in the past year (+18 YoY).
  • Moving to the cloud is a key initiative to optimize operations: 69 per cent of legal operations professionals saying their law departments are standardizing in the cloud.
  • Data security is top-of-mind: 94 per cent (+3% YoY) of respondents reported they have data security concerns around distributing electronically stored information to multiple discovery vendors and law firms.
For the full survey of legal operations professionals, click here.

The OpenText team will also present highlights from the latest OpenText’ Release 16 Enterprise Pack 7 (EP7) during the conference. EP7 introduces powerful new features and enhancements to OpenText products in the Legal Tech portfolio, including automation, machine learning, and AI that make it easier than ever for lawyers and legal professionals to find, review, and assess information.

The OpenText Services Team will be on-site to discuss OpenText High-Efficiency Managed Review. OpenText Managed Review provides upfront budget certainty for eDiscovery and investigations document review with fixed fee pricing, reduces costs up to 80 per cent and mitigates risk with measurably higher accuracy than alternatives. Specific innovations showcased this week will include:

  • The integration of OpenText Magellan text analytics into OpenText Axcelerate for eDiscovery, investigations, and regulatory response.
  • A new platform integration between OpenText Axcelerate and Veritone to automate machine translation on-the-fly, helping to reduce costs associated with manual translation and expedite the review of multi-language documents.
  • New enhanced templates for OpenText EnCase eDiscovery to help legal teams standardize methodology and reduce the time to create a new project by 75 per cent or more.
  • The integration of OpenText eDOCS with OpenText MindServer, an AI-powered search engine add-on, to provide quick and automatic search models.
  • A completely new UI for OpenText Decisiv reinvents the user experience and provides a mobile-responsive layout with an intuitive single search bar and robust smart filters.
For more information on the latest OpenText releases for legal technology, visit the OpenText blog.

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