HEX Wireless Carry-On Now On Kickstarter

There’s a new player in the luggage category, and HEX is coming out strong, dropping the first Case-Top Wireless Carry-On Suitcase on Kickstarter.


The new HEX Wireless Carry-on is designed to do exactly that, not just carry your stuff (although it does that, too). HEX spent months working back and forth with fabricators to develop a new case-top wireless charging system – which now has a patent pending. The charging bay is integrated in a convenient place on the top of the bag, which makes charging your phone on-the-go simple.

Other premium features include the Makrolon Polycarbonate Shell (Makrolon is the Cadillac of poly), Hinomoto Lisof® Silent-Run Wheels, YKK’s EYL abrasion-resistant zippers, a modular packing pod system, and premium metal hardware throughout, among other features.

Kickstarter Price: $299 with limited early bird pricing of $279

Colors Available: Black and Glacier Camo

  • Patent Pending Wireless Charging System –  Charging bay is integrated and built right into the top of the suitcase so you can simply set your phone down when you’re on-the-go. If your phone still needs a cable to charge, the battery is backwards compatible and allows for standard USB cable charging as well.
  • Makrolon Polycarbonate Shell – Built with genuine Makrolon Polycarbonate –  basically the Cadillac of all polycarbonates – the shell is extremely strong, lightweight, and impact resistant. The exterior is finished in a matte satin micro-grain that looks and feels great.
  • YKK EYL Abrasion-Resistant Zippers – These zippers have 15 times the abrasion resistance of even YKK’s standard coil zippers and are tested at approximately 50,000 cycles instead of the normal 1,300 to 1,500 cycles for regular zippers.
  • Hinomoto Lisof® Silent-Run Wheels – Bearingless design allows them to run much more smoothly and silently than other wheels. Check out the noise comparison here.
  • TSA Approved Travel Locks – Travel Sentry certified TSA approved travel locks to keep your things safe and also allow TSA access.
  • Trolly and Grab Handles – The trolley handle is made from high grade aluminum to make it both lightweight and strong. It also has 3 extension heights so you can select the height best for you.
  • Wireless Powerbank – HEX’s own power bank battery fully meets TSA and FAA requirements as well as UN/DOT 38.8 standards, so you can bring your suitcase with battery, on the plane as your carry-on bag.
  • Premium Metal Hardware – Premium metal hardware is used on every strap – no plastic clips anywhere.
  • HEX Travel PODs – The perfect packing organization for your new suitcase. The HEX travel PODs come in 3 configurations: The Cosmetic POD, The Tech POD – in Small and Large and The Shoe PODs – in Small and Medium.

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