EcoWake: An Alarm Clock App That Plants Trees If You Wake Up On Time

EcoWake is an alarm clock app that rewards users by planting trees in real life when they wake up on time.

App overhead2.jpg

EcoWake empowers users to wake up on time through the use of a unique type of gamification  – every day you wake up on time, you earn seeds towards planting trees in your virtual forest on the app, which EcoWake then turns into real trees planted through partnerships with tree-planting organizations around the world. 

showcase 1.jpg

Tree planting is one of the most effective ways that the world can combat climate change. With EcoWake, you can now take an everyday, normal activity (waking up to an alarm) and start saving the world!

EcoWake is available on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. It is free to download, allowing you to plant one tree per month. A premium $5/month account allows you to plant up to 10 trees per month. 

How the tree-planting works:

  1. User downloads the app
  2. User earns 30 seeds for waking up on time 3 days in a row
  3. User plants a tree in their virtual forest
  4. EcoWake (at the end of month) calculates how many trees have been planted and donates the requisite amount of funds to to ensure those trees are planted responsibly and effectively

More information available at

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