When It Comes To Infotainment Systems, Car Dealers Need To Do More To Educate Their Customers On How They Work

Roughly three times a month I get a call from someone who has just bought a new car, and the dealership didn’t do a whole lot to show them how to use the infotainment system that came with it. Thus after a few days of struggling with using trying to use it, they call me for help. This happens with people who spend $20,000 on a car, or they spend $80,000 on a car. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a mainstream brand or a luxury brand. And occasionally, I get a call from someone who has bought a car from a dealer who wouldn’t even pair their cell phone via Bluetooth. Or I get a call from someone who was expecting to get stand alone navigation, but none is present because it is driven via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

That’s lame.

My personal opinion is that when a car dealer delivers a car to a customer, they should be walking through the features of infotainment system along with the rest of the features of the car. And they should be getting customers to the point where they are comfortable with every feature of the car. I feel that if they don’t do that, the dealer isn’t doing their job. Another view of this is that it’s insane to me that someone makes a purchase worth tens of thousands of dollars and then they have to pay a third party, namely me, to do what the dealer should be doing.

Now if you’re a car dealer, or a car company who’s reading this story, I have some advice for you to put me out of business as I shouldn’t have to do your job. Hire a person who can specialize in how your infotainment system(s) works, and have that person communicate that to customers when cars are delivered, or even after the fact. This could be a teenager who needs an after school job, or someone working their way through college or university who needs some cash. The advantage of using a young person is that they are often well versed in how iOS and Android phones work, and will pick up how infotainment systems work instantly. This person would free up the sales person to do other things, such as sell cars. This to me is the best solution from where I stand as a person who can specialize in infotainment systems will provide the best customer experience. Because from where I stand, dealers are not delivering the best customer experience right now.

The other option that I see is that car brands need to provide specific product training so that salespeople who do the majority of car deliveries can teach a car buyer about one of the key features that car buyers care about. If brands aren’t in a position to deliver that training, then the dealerships can find someone like me to deliver that training to their staff. Now that doesn’t sound like a winning strategy on the surface. But keep this in mind. I am often called into situations where I have never seen the infotainment system in question. But after 5 or 10 minutes of playing with it, I can teach the client how to use it. Thus I feel that other people like me should be able to do the same. The advantage of having salespeople take this training is that they will not only be better salespeople as they will be able to articulate the features of the infotainment system before the sale, but they will be able to add value after the sale as they will able show new buyers how to use these systems.

Either way, car dealers need to do better for their customers when it comes to instructing them on how to use the infotainment systems that come with cars. It shouldn’t fall to a third party like me to do this for them as it leaves the customer with the impression that this isn’t something that matters that dealers. That’s not good, and needs to change sooner rather than later for the benefit of all concerned.

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