Infographic: How to Prevent Data Center Downtime

Data centers have become central to the global economy, the environment and human welfare. Thus, the cost of data center downtime, while enormously expensive in monetary terms, is enormously greater when you consider the total impact.

And speaking of enormity, data center downtime prevention faces enormous challenges in itself. Threats come from every direction: hackers, extreme weather, accidents, operator errors, equipment failures and facility-related issues.

To help clarify priorities and actions, the infographic below, Data Center Downtime: Causes and Prevention, should prove to be most helpful. It first lays out the scope of the problem, and then defines major risk areas and provides various means of addressing them. Some suggestions are as simple as the proper labeling of equipment; others, such as preventing cybercrime, require multiple actions on a very wide front. With so much to do, an infographic such as this one is a very useful tool in establishing context.

While many reviews of data center downtime focus exclusively on the business revenue costs, the infographic takes notice of the human costs, which should always be top of mind. Arc flashes are a serious event, producing extreme temperatures and potentially chain reactions that can (and often are) life-threatening. To learn how to address this and other issues relating to data center outages and prevention, continue reading.

Data Center Downtime from Pro Access Floors

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