The US is fighting COVID-19 with 83% of healthcare systems running on outdated software

According to data gathered by Atlas VPN, the US is fighting COVID-19 while having 83% of their healthcare systems run on outdated software.

Newest reports show, 83% of devices of 1.2 million IoT in the US healthcare run on outdated software: 56% of devices operating on Windows 7, and 27% are running Windows XP or decommissioned versions of Linux OS. The situation leaves multiple security vulnerabilities to be exploited by hackers.

At the moment, there is a 26% chance that 14% of patient monitoring tools will get attacked. Although the numbers may not seem as big, it is extremely concerning, considering every COVID-19 patient is being monitored in hospitals.

On March 15, the US Health and Human Services Department experienced a cyber attack on their computer. It happened right after the National Security Council posting a tweet to warn people about a fake text message claiming Trump will be ordering a two-week quarantine. It is believed the attack and the text message are somewhat related.

To read the full report, head over to:

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