IAITAM Opens Up No-Cost, Full-Day Course for Companies, Agencies Dealing With Work-From-Home Laptop, Phone, Data Problems

As more and more U.S. companies and government agencies send workers home to use personal smartphones, computers and tablets to do their work, the International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) has warned that many organizations are not taking proper precautions to track devices and safeguard sensitive data. Now, IAITAM is doing something about it by offering free passes to its full-day online course about how to manage mobile devices and the data they contain.
Up to 1,000 people can take the online Certified Mobile Asset Manager (CMAM) course on March 24th and March 26th from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. ET by registering online.  The course normally is available only at its full cost of $2,000. The only difference between the free access and the full registration is the availability of offline course materials and the CMAM exam.

IAITAM’s CMAM course prepares individuals and organizations responsible for the management of mobile devices. The course encompasses both organizational owned assets as well as BYOD (employee-owned). The CMAM course has the IAITAM Best Practice Library as its foundation and encompasses financial viability, risk mitigation, policy enforcement and lifecycle management of mobile assets.

Last week, IAITAM warned: “Many companies and government agencies have already sent employees home to work remotely in response to concerns about the coronavirus.  This week, thousands of additional employers will likely follow suit until concerns about the contagion ease.  The International Association of IT Asset Managers is warning that most employers may have rushed into making their decision without thinking through how to secure their most sensitive data.”

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