Technology Aids The Fight Against Unemployment In The COVID-19 Crisis

To assist companies responding to the COVID-19 crisis, Tundra Technical Solutions Inc., a leader in providing essential recruitment services, quickly delivered an innovative free-of-charge solution matching available talent with urgent positions tackling the crisis. 

Tundra and TalentNet, a human capital management software provider, joined forces to mobilize “A Community for a Greater Cause,” where companies requiring immediate hires are matched with volunteers, healthcare professionals and fabricators. 

As companies retool facilities, processes and retrain teams to tackle the COVID supply shortage, hiring demands from manufacturing or frontline healthcare workers have skyrocketed. 

There is a strong lifesaving need, especially after the Canadian and U.S. governments revealed billions in spend to help businesses ramp up production for personal protective equipment, ventilators, masks and test kits. As North American companies increase production, many expect to double workforces to meet demand. Recruitment services can be very important as companies look to hire new talent for several initiatives combatting the virus.

Looking to hire for the cause? To access qualified candidates for COVID-19 related projects, reach out to where you will be assigned to an Account Executive in your state or province to strategize a hiring plan. All services are completely free as Tundra and TalentNet believe that matching talent to COVID-19- related projects is one of many essential solutions to combat the crisis.  

Join the cause to provide services as a volunteer or paid contract worker by registering here. Simply upload a resume, customize your profile, and TalentNet’s AI matching software will notify you of new positions as they come available. 

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