CCTS Reports 12% Drop In Telco Complaints…. But The Devil Is In The Detail

The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) has served up its Mid-Year Report and it shows a 12% drop in complaints. That sounds good on the surface. But let’s dig into this some more. The companies that are responsible for this are:

  • Cogeco -75%
  • Bell -26.3%
  • TELUS -6.7%

And Bell couldn’t wait to trumpet this news to the world seeing as they have been known as having absolutely horrific customer service at times:

However, there were increases. Complaints from Fido and Rogers increased by 29% and 6% respectively. Which isn’t good for Rogers and Fido. And I am pretty sure that Rogers and Fido won’t be promoting these results.

And other highlights include:

  • “Disclosure issues” and “incorrect charges” were the most complained-about problems, making up 26% of all reported issues.
  • Breaches of the Wireless Code decreased from 61 to 46, breaches of the Television Service Provider Code increased by 4 to a total of 5, and breaches of the Deposit and Disconnection Code, increased from 0 to 3.

So while there are things that have improved, clearly there’s still work to be done as Rogers and Fido clearly need to pull up their socks here.

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