Global Spike In Demand For Application Performance Monitoring During COVID-19 Pandemic

With the pandemic requiring enterprise organizations to shift to an almost completely digital world, the importance of high performing applications and digital services has never been more critical.

Data analysts examined organic surges in AppDynamics website traffic, trending web search terms, and the most commonly asked questions from its customers between a peak period of intensity in the COVID-19 pandemic (March 1 – April 4, 2020)  to identify the challenges IT professionals are facing. The findings highlighted three core challenges:

  1. Demand for Application Performance Monitoring is on the rise

Resources about implementing an Application Performance Monitoring strategy saw a 35 percent increase in web traffic on its company website, and information about application performance testing saw a 24 percent increase in traffic.

  1. Cloud monitoring support is critical

With more than 40% increase in traffic to cloud monitoring related pages on its website.

  1. Developers are turning to microservices to scale new demand.

With a 21% increase in web traffic for resources focused on addressing challenges with microservices adoption and how to use microservices to help measure business transactions.

Additional details can be found here

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