Element AI announces a new partnership with Shinhan Financial Group

Element AI, a global developer of artificial intelligence-powered (AI) services and software solutions, today announced its first phase of research and development with Shinan AI, the newly launched AI-powered investment advisory services company, a subsidiary of Shinhan Financial Group. 

As one of the company’s first specialist AI development partners in Korea, this strategic partnership is focused on the co-development of next generation solutions, a key focus for Element AI and Shinhan Financial Group, who signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in May 2019. Element AI has now begun a research collaboration to integrate its cutting-edge AI forecasting technology with Shinan AI’s NEO investment advisory platform, introduced in September 2019.

In today’s highly competitive and algorithmically powered capital markets, forecasting index prices for investment decisions has become quite complex. Element AI is applying its proprietary algorithms to offer a novel approach to forecasting equity indexes while providing for future extensibility to additional asset classes. These deep learning based algorithms will help simplify and accelerate application and forecasting decisions support for the tracked indexes on the NEO platform.

The highly acclaimed expertise of the Shinhan Financial Group along with the globally recognized applied research and AI innovations from Element AI, will offer capital market customers using the Neo platform higher quality analysis, more accurate predictions, and powerful investment and asset rebalancing guidance when markets face unexpected conditions.

Element AI will continue to work as a key partner and advisor to Shinhan AI in the coming years to continue researching, developing and deploying cutting edge AI powered solutions to unlock the transformative value that AI offers to Shinhan Financial Group and its customers.

To learn more about Element AI and its global solutions and services, visit: https://www.elementai.com/

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