Why Is Petro Canada Asking Users To Change The Password Related To Their Petro Points Account?

A few readers this morning tipped me off to them getting an email from fuel retailer Petro Canada asking people to change their passwords that are associated with their Petro Points accounts, which is Petro Canada’s rewards program. Since I am a member of their rewards program, I checked my personal email and sure enough, I got this email:

So, I went in and changed my password after verifying that this wasn’t a phishing email. But I will ask this question. Why is it that Petro Canada asking users to change their passwords seemingly out of the blue? Did they get hacked? Did they do an audit and found some weak passwords, and out of an abundance of caution is triggering a password reset? This email doesn’t make it clear. In fact, it doesn’t make anything clear other than they want their users to be safe. Petro Canada would really do itself a favor by providing more clarity on this front as people who get this email will be concerned that their Petro Points will not be safe even if they change their password.

2 Responses to “Why Is Petro Canada Asking Users To Change The Password Related To Their Petro Points Account?”

  1. I tried to access my points balance and got this message “it’s time to create a new password”. No matter what I clicked on I keep receiving the same message, including contact us.

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