LifeStarr Task Management App Launched

If you spend time every day checking email, multiple online trackers, and several different collaboration and communication apps – because every client or project collaborator uses a different way to share documents, status updates, and communicate – then you need LifeStarr, the world’s first “Life Empowerment Technology”.  

Staying on task is more important than ever before, as many remote workers continue to work from home offices and kitchen tables due to the aftermath of COVID-19. This new normal is straining usual methods for staying organized and communicating effectively about both work and personal tasks, and in fact, sheds light on the need for a more effective solution.

LifeStarr is a new and free task management app in which all details, responsibilities, deadlines, documents, and communication are securely maintained. Clients, colleagues, or other collaborators can be easily invited into all or part of a project, with notifications and daily reports to keep everyone on task. There is no fee or subscription required – just start using by creating tasks, assigning responsibility, and inviting people to join.

LifeStarr Founder Joe Rando, a Boston area tech entrepreneur, had his team accelerate the development of the platform to make it available for people and teams as many companies extend work-from-home policies indefinitely. He explains in this video how the app drastically reduces stress to the user – for any task, big or small – easily and at no cost.

The need for remote work tools and training in great. HubSpot Academy is now offering free remote leadership training, How to Manage a Remote Team – a 40 minute on-demand resource – in which Rando offers best practices.

Remote workers, small businesses, freelancers, and independent consultants can benefit from LifeStarr to make sure projects are completed on deadline without time wasted pulling together information from different sources. All communications, files and notes are contained in the task automatically. The platform is intuitive, easy to use, secure, and most of all, time saving, eliminating the frustration that comes with juggling multiple assignments. It’s as easy as signing up.

Investors in LifeStarr include West Coast angel investor Shawn Fanning, founder of Helium and Napster, as well as several New York and Boston-based entrepreneurs, including real estate developer Peter Bassett.

The LifeStarr app is free and always will be. For more information, visit

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