Verisign: An Excellent Public DNS Service

I don’t run my ISPs DNS settings on my network. That’s because my present ISP is Rogers, and about 12 years ago they were caught redirecting mistyped URLs to their own search page. That is a huge security risk. Now I don’t know if they still do that. But to be safe, I don’t use their DNS. And regardless of who your ISP is, I don’t recommend that you ever use your ISPs DNS because Rogers main competition Bell was caught doing something similar. Which means your ISP could be something similar.

That’s where a public DNS service comes in. They tend to be faster, more reliable, and most importantly private. It’s not your ISP’s business as to where you surf to. Thus for the last few months I have been using the Verisign DNS service. Verisign is the same company that issues digital certificates to secure websites and the like. Thus you know that they can be trusted. And I have had no issues using it.

You can use these instructions to set yourself up. They cover all sorts of use cases from PC, Mac, Linux, and routers. You should give it a try as this is something that will make your Internet experience better.

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