Citizen Care Pod: Bolstering Life-Saving COVID-19 Efforts Just In Time For Reopening

After months of closures due to the coronavirus outbreak, provinces across Canada are slowly allowing office spaces, retail and restaurant establishments, and other workplaces to reopen. However, many employees and customers have concerns about the rapid and easy spread of COVID-19 in these enclosed, densely populated spaces. As a result, the healthcare industry is under extreme pressure, doing all that they can in the wake of the economy opening back up.

Thanks to advances, and even breakthroughs in technology, medical organizations and professionals around the world are able to make steady progress in combatting the virus while providing immediate and attentive care for those who are impacted by the disease, easing concerns. 

For example, Canadian-owned company Citizen Care Pod has just launched a new COVID-19 smart screening and testing pod combining intelligent technology with modular design to support a safe, responsible recovery for governments, businesses and communities. The Citizen Care Pod is a customizable unit outfitted with the capabilities to enable turnkey mobile COVID-19 testing in high traffic business environments and communities with the goal to expediate testing, screening, and eventually vaccination on mass scale.

Utilizing modular construction methods, PCL Corporation is manufacturing and assembling the pods by retrofitting shipping containers with customizable options to support rapid delivery and installation to any site, including high-traffic or remote locations. It’s a ready-to-use solution for large-scale businesses, public works, sports and entertainment venues, airports, transit centres and more to support economic recovery. The core focus of the Citizen Care Pod is to not only provide relief to over-burdened hospitals, but also empower businesses and communities to be leaders in health promotion and disease prevention.

Here’s an explainer video:

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