Packetlabs Launches National Search For Canada’s Top Hacker

Packetlabs, a collective of ethical hackers specializing in real-world simulated cyber-attacks to protect governments, businesses and organizations, has launched an aggressive national search to uncover the country’s top hacker for a prime position with the Packletlabs’s team. 

Packetlabs admits they expect a lot from their full-time staff, but they are willing to pay a premium for the right hacker. The job will pay between $70-$100k + benefits, and security training.

Packetlabs’s Gruelling 72-hour hacking challenge:

After submitting a standard job application via LinkedIn, a video screening, CV/resume review, and a technical assessment, the top 20 applicants (on paper) will move on to the brand new Offensive Security Proving Grounds for the active hacking test which will challenge their abilities and skills to hack into a live system within 72 hours. The top 5 candidates who make it through will have a final interview. Packetlabs plan to hire Canada’s Next Top Hacker from that group.

  • Challenge participants will be required to write a report outlining the vulnerabilities they’ve discovered and outline how their client can address the issues found and improve cybersecurity.
  • Applicants will be awarded points based on the amount of systems compromised, and the level of sophistication demonstrated through their attacks.
  • As a fully Canadian owned and operated company, Packetlabs would like to hire a Canadian for the position.

Packetlabs is accepting applications for the position until August 15th, 2020.

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    Packetlabs Launches National Search For Canada’s Top Hacker | The IT Nerd

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