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KABN knows the importance of online identity.  Our Identity is what makes us unique, but since the inception of the Internet, digital identity has been an afterthought.  With today’s acceleration of online commerce, education, healthcare, government and other services, digital identity and the data that surrounds it is online “gold”.  KABN also believes that ownership of identity is a basic human right and individuals should be the primary beneficiary of any use of their identity.

  • In the “real world,” it’s easy to prove who you are either by visual or traditional identity verification.  It’s a process that most people are accustomed to following.  Most people carry their wallets and keyring to hold their Identity documents and access items (keys) for their valuables (home, car). 
  • In the “online world,” it’s not that easy to prove that “you are you”.  Identity verification is managed on a site-by-site basis and users are required to deliver sensitive documents to unknown 3rd parties, potentially compromising the value of their identity and increasingly exposing themselves to the risk of identity fraud. As more and more services are offered online and more people, especially Millennials and Gen Z’s, spend their lives (play, shop, educate, work) online, it makes it is equally important to have your identity verified in the online realm. Also, every organization has a slightly different way of managing identity.  Some just want your credit card information.  Some may want private identity information, requiring consumers to trust vendors without knowing how their information is stored, used, or who has access to it. There is a lot of “friction” with this, as the process is continually repeated from organization to organization, effectively reducing the value of a person’s private documentation and making them susceptible to identity theft.
  • Proving identity online is not easy. KABN changes all that with KABN ID and Liquid Avatar, and  a suite of services  (KABN ID, LIQUID AVATAR, PEGASUS FLYTE VISA CARD, AND KABN KASH) that starts with a verified, bank grade digital identity that is controlled and managed by the user, is reusable and transportable and, best of all, FREE to consumers.  This process supports both commercial clients and consumers by making it easier to verify, manage and engage with known users. 
  • KABN ID, is a reusable, Always On, compliant, biometrically-based, identity verification and validation platform that forms the engine of the KABN Network.
  • Liquid Avatar, Liquid Avatar –  isa digital image-based “wallet and keyring” platform that allows usersto manage their digital identity.
  • Pegasus Flyte Visa Card, an approved prepaid Visa card that includes a Mobile Banking Wallet that supports both digital and traditional currencies.
  • KABN KASH, a robust loyalty and engagement platform with cashback and card-linked programs.


By visiting or using the Liquid Avatar App, a user can create a fully custom-designed representation of themselves (character, fantasy, icon, etc.) that can be used online, through email, text, social media, games, and on the web to represent themselves as a person.  Liquid Avatars will work with email, text and social media and across virtually every device, platform and network.

Liquid Avatars are powered by KABN ID, providing users with a reusable, verified digital identity platform powered by blockchain-based technology and biometrics (facial recognition and eventually other factors, like voice, fingerprint, etc.), ensuring that no two Avatars are ever the same and also giving each person easy to use, complete and secure control over their image and connected information.    

Liquid Avatar is applicable to 100% of the online consumer and business markets

There are a host of use cases including:

  • Identity Fraud Reduction – to prove that a user is the intended recipient of any service or offering through multi-factor authentication that includes biometrics.
  • Purchase Validation for eCommerce – confirming that the user is authorized to use credit cards and other payment methods.
  • eSports and Online Gaming – verifying prizing, players and cross-referencing multiple accounts.
  • Information / Data Services – creating aggregated public information to generate offers and solutions exclusively for Liquid Avatar users.
  • Education – verifying that registered students are those actually taking classes, completing work and exams, and receiving academic credit.
  • Government – supporting local, state and national government initiatives.
  • Healthcare – creating privacy, record transfer/sharing and portability.

KABN creates verified, validated online identities that are:

Reusable – Individual users are provided with a KABN ID and don’t have to share/reshare private documents with any KABN partners (about 20 partners and growing)

Always On – KABN ID holders are continuously monitored for AML (anti-money laundering) and Adverse media changes and we can provide our partners with any change to an individual user’s status.

Customer controlled / benefits – KABN ID creates value for its individual users by letting them benefit and control the value propositions that they see based on their aggregated, permission based public identity.  KABN delivers offers and opportunities that fit their public profile, including owned, partnered and 3rd party programs and other data-supported, revenue-driven services.  KABN’s Liquid Avatar program “gamifies” the portability of digital identity.

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