Trump Could Force TikTok Off Global App Stores

According to a White House document sent out to supporters of President Trump and seen by Reuters, the executive order that Trump signed would have a the means to cut off U.S. business transactions, disrupt TikTok’s funding, and eliminate its ability to operate within the United States and perhaps elsewhere.

“Prohibited transactions may include, for example, agreements to make the TikTok app available on app stores … purchasing advertising on TikTok, and accepting terms of service to download the TikTok app onto a user device,” the document states. 

A source familiar with the White House document verified its authenticity. TikTok did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Now the document does not explicitly mention WeChat, but if the Trump administration decides to subject it to the same measures. Now if TikTok does sue the Trump administration, which they were supposed to do on Tuesday, it will be interesting to see if they use this new information to push their case.

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