Another Reason To #DeleteFacebook…. They Are A “Major Threat” To Public Health

Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows that I am no fan of Facebook. We could likely sit here all day to talk about why Facebook is bad for humanity. But it’s pretty clear by now that the planet would be better off if they didn’t exist.

Here’s a new reason why Facebook shouldn’t exist. According to a new report, Facebook’s failure to halt the spread of coronavirus misinformation makes it a “major threat” to public health:

Research by activist group Avaaz found health misinformation relating to the pandemic was viewed 3.8bn times on the social media site in the last year. Just 16 per cent of all misinformation analysed in the study carried a warning label, with the remaining 84 per cent remaining online without a warning. Facebook has vowed to crack down on conspiracy theories and misleading content linked to Covid-19 amid concerns inaccurate information was spreading unchecked on the platform. A company spokesperson said the findings of the report did not “reflect the steps we’ve taken to keep it from spreading on our service.” Facebook said it had applied warning labels to 98m pieces of content and removed a further 7m between April and June. The site added that it had also directed more than 2bn people to resources from official health authorities.

When you take that and combine that with the fact that they have changed the direction of elections, amplify anti-semitism, amplify conspiracy theories, and they don’t handle user data in a responsible manner, it really shows that Facebook is not good for the world. Especially now that not there are life and death implications because of the pandemic.

The bottom line is simple. It’s beyond time to #DeleteFacebook. Now more than ever.

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