Demand For VPN Services On The Rise: Atlas VPN

New research released by Atlas VPN reveals the VPN adoption rate by country in H1 2020. The VPN adoption rate shows what part of a country’s population uses VPN services.

VPN usage varies widely around the world. Some use a VPN to maintain their right to privacy online. Some wish to protect themselves from prying eyes. Others want to bypass their country’s network restrictions.

The top ten countries globally, with the highest VPN adoption rate are:

Pos.CountryDownloadsPopulationPenetration rateIndex
1United Arab Emirates3,829,7299.89M38.72%2.58
4Saudi Arabia5,410,66734.81M15.54%6.43
10Great Britain4,215,48267.89M6.21%16.1

Information about the index:

1 out of “index” people use a VPN service in this country. 
For example, 1 out of 2.58 people use a VPN in the United Arab Emirates.

Key findings from this report include:

  • In total, people from 85 selected countries downloaded VPN applications more than 134 million times.
  • United Arab Emirates citizens use VPN services by far the most often. Over 38% of the UAE population downloaded a VPN in 2020 H1.
  • The lowest adopters of VPN services are Madagascar, Kenya, and Uzbekistan.
  • Most downloads were from the United States, reaching 19,935,032 downloads in the first half of 2020.
  • In 2020, H1, 1 out of every 16.6 people, downloaded a VPN service in the United States.

To view the comprehensive research, please click here.

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