fuelService App Helps Mobility-Challenged Drivers Fill Up At Service Stations Across Canada

“fuelService”, a new app designed to assist drivers with mobility challenges, has officially launched across the country in partnership with Shell Canada. The app enables drivers to connect with local Shell Canada service stations who have a service attendant on hand to pump fuel for them.

Filling up the car can be significantly difficult for drivers with mobility challenges. But can also be a challenge for service stations to help, as stations with single attendants on shifts are unable to leave the register for security reasons. 

For drivers not knowing which station can help, means driving from station to station to find one that can. It can also be challenging to ask for assistance at stations, without an existing system in place to accommodate drivers with mobility issues. fuelService recognizes these challenges and addresses this gap, by providing a list of participating stations that can support and a simple way for drivers to signal attendants when they have arrived through the app. 

Using fuelService is easy. Drivers simply open the app and select a nearby service station they would like to visit. fuelService then tells the station when the driver has arrived and provides an estimated wait time for service. Payment can then be done through Shell EasyPay in the Shell app, further simplifying the transaction, but customers can also pay via cash or card. Both the fuelService app and Shell app are available for iPhone and Android phones. 

With over 1,300 of Shell Canada’s sites participating in fuelService, this service will be available in many locations across the country. In collaboration with the CSRO, Shell Canada wants to raise awareness of this offer and make this service available to as many Canadian customers as possible. 

Shell’s partnership with fuelService began in 2017 with the UK. Since then, Shell has signed a global partnership with fuelService– allowing them to accelerate this service into more of its operating countries more easily throughout late 2020 and 2021. This includes the Netherlands, the US, Canada and soon France, Belgium and Luxembourg will be added. 

While the fuelService app is free for customers to use, Shell pays the administrative fees for app usage to fuelService. All of these proceeds are donated by fuelService to the CSRO to put towards our goal of finding a cure for spinal cord injuries and paralysis.

For more information on this app, please visit: ​www.fuelservice.org/ca  

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