Epic Asks Court To Put Fortnite Back On The App Store Citing ‘Retaliation’ From Apple & ‘Irreparable Harm’

Epic Games who pretty much dropped themselves into a mess where they got kicked off the Apple App Store and the Google Play store is now asking a court to stop Apple’s “retaliation” by allowing Fortnite back on the App Store. And Epic claims that it will cause ‘irreparable harm’ to Epic if that doesn’t happen. Reuters has the details:

“This was a clear warning to any other developer that would dare challenge Apple’s monopolies: follow our rules or we will cut you off from a billion iOS consumers – challenge us and we will destroy your business,” Epic Games said in Friday’s filing.

This is total Bullshit as evidenced by a judge saying that this situation was of Epic’s own making. As in Epic tried to get a special deal from Apple. When that didn’t work, they kicked off this entire mess. So while I am not a lawyer, I truly do not expect Epic to get anywhere with this filing. If they were smart, they’d find a way out of this mess. But given their actions thus far, they don’t seem to be that smart.

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