Waze Announces Live Map Save To App Functionality

Waze, the platform where people and technology meet to solve transportation issues, today announced the new ability for Waze users to save a planned drive to their Waze app, directly from the Waze.com Live Map.

Millions of Waze users viewing their upcoming journey each month on the Live Map using its real-time data will now be able to save their itinerary directly to their Waze app on their Android or iOS device with a single click. This provides a more seamless experience across platforms, and simplifies the process of planning a drive by finding the best route and time to leave, before even getting into the car. Users will receive time-to-leave reminder notifications based on real time traffic, and the ability to quick start navigation.

To use this functionality, users can visit waze.com/livemap and input their route and desired arrival time. They then simply need to tap ‘Save to app’ and the planned drive will appear on their Waze app.

This feature is available for all Waze users from today. For more information visit here.

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