Iron Mountain & FutureVault Launch Digital Vault Platform

Iron Mountain Incorporated and FutureVault today announced a strategic partnership and the launch of their Digitization-as-a-Service offering with Aligned Capital Partners Inc. as the first client.

The new platform combines Iron Mountain’s logistical network and physical information management infrastructure with FutureVault’s secure digital vault platform to provide a comprehensive physical-to-digital document life cycle management service. Now, businesses can order the transfer of paper records to an Iron Mountain location where they are scanned, deposited, indexed, and stored in both a secure physical and digital location; the latter on FutureVault’s platform. Based on their unique document retention policies, organizations can choose to archive or shred their original paper documents or have them returned. Digitizing paper records and accessing them via a secure digital vault has never been easier.

What features does the Digitization-as-a-Service offer?

  • Easy packing and preparation of paper records through bar coded cover sheets and secure RFID-ready boxes
  • Secure end-to-end transport of records via quick ordering and pick-up process
  • Rapid conversion of physical documents through extensive network of imaging centers with unparalleled quality control
  • Indexing of digitized records to enable searchability
  • Documents are deposited into a branded Digital Vault Platform in specified client or corporate folders.
  • Platform offers robust digital document management and collaboration features, akin to virtual data rooms and enterprise content management systems.
  • Documents can be shared internally and externally with advanced permissioning and a complete fiduciary audit trail for security.
  • Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and indexing features afford users the ability to search through volumes of scanned records to find, retrieve and share documents quickly and easily via web and mobile devices. 

How does the Digital Vault Platform provide security for digital assets?

  • The Digital Vault Platform is PCI DSS and SOC 2 Type 1 compliant.
  • Cyber security best practices are maintained by implementing the Center for Internet Security (CIS) standard.
  • Access to documents is protected by multi-factor authentication and biometric login on mobile devices.
  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest with symmetric key 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard with industry leading key management.
  • No permanent files are stored on users’ devices; they are accessed via the cloud only.
  • Highly secure data centers with multiple geographical regions utilized for storage & backup.
  • In addition, the platform is integrated within Iron Mountain’s world leading enterprise-class records management infrastructure delivering overall confidence in the integrity, availability and protection of digital assets.

What are the benefits of digitizing assets?

  • Search: Reduce time, cost and effort associated with searching and retrieving documents.
  • Risk: Reduce risk of data breach by properly securing paper-based records.
  • Access: Securely access digitized documents anytime anywhere from the web or via mobile device.
  • Control: Manage access to important information across the organization.
  • Cost Effective: Implement cutting edge document management technology with minimal IT investment.
  • Compliance & Audit: Employ best practices for records management compliance and easily prepare for internal and external auditing.
  • Redundancy: Create data redundancy through digitization.
  • Client Experience: Digitize client records and share with end users on demand.
  • Transformation: Quickly and confidently launch a digital transformation strategy.
  • Value Creation: Increase the value of a practice by digitizing its paper legacy and enabling easier due diligence processes for corporate transactions.

Which companies have participated so far in the Digital Vault Platform?

The first pilot participants included advisors with Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (“Aligned”), an innovative investment firm headquartered near Toronto in Burlington, Ontario with over 200 advisors across Canada.

Through the Digital Vault Platform, Aligned now has all relevant records in one place. Productivity benefits from faster file retrievals, quicker new advisor onboarding, and more effective communications. Advisors are better equipped to serve their clients, manage document retention and compliance obligations, and grow their practices.

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  1. Will this get IronMountain trucks to stop parking in bikes lanes in Toronto?

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