rag & bone & Microsoft Create A Virtual World That Challenges The Status Quo

rag & bone unveils a preview of its Spring/Summer 2021 collection with a dynamic teaser film, Metamorphosis, created in partnership with Microsoft. Metamorphosis explores new ways of bringing collections to life through the integration of innovative technology.

Metamorphosis is a special stand-alone collaboration that spans the creative worlds of design, technology, and filmmaking to bridge the authentic craft of rag & bone with technology to reveal elements from the collection. Creating the unexpected between rag & bone and Microsoft began with the Spring/Summer 2020 show, which featured real time point cloud data capture technology. The partnership will continue into 2021 with concepts aimed at simplifying how consumers digitally engage with rag & bone collections.

Set in a fantastical vision of New York, Metamorphosis represents a virtual transformation of movement, fabric detail and the versatility of rag & bone signatures. Through the use of Azure Virtual Machines for Cloud Rendering, classic outerwear, feminine meets masculine silhouettes, relaxed tailoring, and easy to wear essentials are mixed and matched to redefine an everyday wardrobe.

Created remotely on the Cloud and supported by Azure Virtual Machines, an avatar figure was generated to capture key looks in the collection. Through a variety of camera movements and atmospheric plays on light and dimension, the avatar explores a New York City that shifts perspectives of space and dimension. Each small and highly defined detail in the looks are created on the cloud using Microsoft Azure Solutions. Additionally, Microsoft Azure allows for powerful remote GPUs and other services that optimize the output of a virtual rag & bone collection. 3D software was utilized to run virtually in the cloud to facilitate direct renders of each piece featured in the teaser to cloud GPUs. A musical arrangement by DJ Kris Bones was created to round out the film’s surreal and imagined landscapes.

Available to view from today, Metamorphosis launches across rag & bone and Microsoft’s channels worldwide. A new set of look book imagery featuring expanded looks from Metamorphosis will accompany the film’s debutThrough a virtual articulation of how Cloud Computing has shaped the ways in which fashion can be interpreted, the partnership with Microsoft highlights rag & bone’s ongoing commitment to creating digital first experiences that are uniquely their own.

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