Verto Health Launches COVID-19 Appointment Booking & Assessment Centre Solution

Verto Health, a leader in connection and communication software for the healthcare industry, today announced the launch of its COVID-19 Appointment Booking and Assessment Centre Capacity Optimization Solution for hospital health systems, which can be implemented and made live within 48 hours.Beginning October 6, COVID-19 assessment centres in Ontario will only be able to test patients who have an appointment.

Through Verto’s offering, hospital health systems can have an effective solution, including an appointment booking widget on their website, that will allow patients to self-schedule appointments. The solution, already being implemented by healthcare networks such as Unity Health Toronto, supports pre-screening and optimizes assessment centre capacity. It allows hospitals to manage patient arrival and wait-time notifications, as well as track and optimize patient and staff flow once patients are in the assessment centre.

The dashboard provides the testing facility with a bird’s eye view into information such as number of active patients, room locations and testing status, allowing clinical staff to make real-time decisions and allocate resources to maximize patient testing. For patients, the system provides visibility into which facilities have open appointment/testing slots, and offers the opportunity to book appointments and conduct self-assessments directly online. Once an appointment is confirmed, patients are automatically notified via email or SMS, pending the preference of the hospital health system.

Solution overview and capabilities:

Verto Health’s solution can be deployed quickly. Healthcare organizations are able to easily add incremental capabilities.

  • Digital patient COVID-19 pre-screening self-assessment questionnaire
  • COVID-19 assessment centre online patient appointment booking and self-scheduling
  • Digital patient arrival confirmation
  • Kanban dashboard of scheduled patients
  • SMS/text message appointment reminders
  • Patient engagement and education (e.g. information to remind patients what to bring on the day of appointment and safety protocols)
  • Post-appointment patient satisfaction survey

For more information about the Appointment Booking and Assessment Centre Capacity Optimization solution, please visit

Last month, Verto Health announced it was partnering with McMaster HealthLabs (MHL) to contribute its digital twin software platform to support MHL’s COVID-19 study of international travellers arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport. MHL is conducting the study with support and resources from Air Canada and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA). As of October 1, nearly 13,000 tests of returning volunteer international travellers have been conducted.

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