Bad News For Epic Games: They Were Denied A Preliminary Injunction for Fortnite… Good News For Epic: Apple Can’t Block The Unreal Engine

Epic Games had a mixed day. On the good news side of the fence, a judge ruled that Apple can’t block the Unreal engine as the judge believes the decision will keep things fair between the two companies until a final decision. On the bad news side of the fence, Apple can keep Fortnite off the App Store as the judge believes that Epic knew exactly what they were doing when the company decided to break the App Store rules.

For those who want to see the details, here’s a link to the ruling.

This seems to be consistent with previous rulings, and if I were Epic Games, I’d be reconsidering my stance. The reason being that Epic Games really losing this fight. And they may end up with nothing if they don’t find some way to resolve this fight.

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