Now I’ve Caught Shimano’s E-Tube App Snooping My iPhone’s Clipboard….. Just Like The Tacx Utility Does [UPDATE: Fixed]

You might remember that I recently caught the Tacx Utility snooping the clipboard on my iPhone. Now I have yet to hear from them on that front. But I have seem to have caught a second company doing the exact same thing. And ironically it’s another bike related brand. Japanese based Shimano is the world’s largest bike component manufacturer. They make bike components for all sorts of cyclists including the biggest pro teams in the world. I use their components on my road bike and that includes a power meter which helps me to train effectively. Now the power meter requires firmware updates from time to time which requires me to use the E-Tube app from Shimano to do that. And like the Tacx Utility, it seems to snoop my clipboard. Video below:

So, just like with Tacx, I Tweeted Shimano asking them…. Well… WTF?

And while I was at it, I asked Tacx for an update as I haven’t heard anything from them:

I’m starting to see a trend here where due to sloppy coding or something more underhanded, apps snoop on the clipboard. That’s really unfortunate and whatever the cause, anyone who does this needs to be immediately called out for doing this. Given that iOS 14 makes it real easy to spot this behavior, app developers who do this should expect to have people like me knocking on their doors asking WTF?

Updates to come.

UPDATE: Tacx responded to me:

Shimano has yet to respond to my inquiry. Which says a lot about Shimano I think.

UPDATE #2: On October 26th, Shimano released an updated version of their E-Tube App.

I did some testing and I am unable to replicate this issue any longer. So it appears to be fixed. Though it would have been nice for them to actually acknowledge that they were snooping on your clipboard in the first place. But I guess that’s too much to ask for.

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