New Look Vision Group Launches The Ultimate Digital Eyewear Experience At New Look Eyewear & IRIS

With the pandemic continuing to limit in-person shopping at retail stores, New Look Vision Group launched its precision-enabled eyewear app, available at New Look Eyewear and IRIS stores and online.

Born out of the investment and partnership with innovative eyewear startup Topology, this touchless optical solution is designed with the optician at the center of the experience and focuses on providing each customer with tailored eyewear that achieves the same quality vision as when bought in a store.

Using Topology’s advanced technology to solve the challenges of taking precise measurements for glasses outside an eyewear store, the New Look Eyewear and IRIS apps makes it easy to try on single-vision glasses with an optician via video appointment, safely from the comfort of their homes. They use the latest 3D technology to scan 20,000 data points on a person’s face, taking ultra-precise measurements and making it the most accurate technology on the market. This level of precision helps ensure better fitting frames and optimal comfort, regardless of the size or shape of a person’s face.

While the New Look Eyewear and IRIS apps’ advanced facial scanning technology is its major function, they also offer a number of other cutting-edge features to give customers the ultimate digital eyewear experience:

  • Full Customization. Customers can design their own pair of eyewear to ensure they are specifically tailored for them. Customers start by choosing from a wide variety of frame styles, shapes, and colours. From there they can further refine their style by tweaking the height, width and vertical drop to suit their vision needs and taste. And because the glasses are made to measure, they feel lighter as the weight is perfectly distributed to their facial features.
  • Convenience. Virtual appointment bookings allow customers to have a live consultation with opticians from the time and place of their choosing. The New Look Eyewear and IRIS apps even saves their facial scan and measurements for use in future appointments, so they don’t have to go through the entire process every time they get a new pair of glasses.
  • Added Safety. In light of physical distancing measures during COVID-19, the New Look Eyewear and IRIS apps give customers peace of mind by helping them to shop for frames and prescription lenses virtually.
  • Pricing. The New Look Eyewear app will feature their latest private-label collection, Madison, at a competitive price point of $239 for single-vision lens packages (frame + lenses). It will also feature the Lya collection from Iris at a price starting at $289 for single-vision lens packages (frame + lenses).

Once you’ve booked a virtual appointment online, users are invited to download the apps in the App Store for iPhone 10 and newer, and for iPad Pro. For those who are unable to access the apps on their device, they can experience its technology and safety benefits in store at select locations, including 12 New Look Eyewear stores in Quebec and select IRIS locations in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

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