Element AI & PemPem Announce Collaboration To Help Improve Traceability In Indonesian Palm Oil Supply Chains

Element AI, a global developer of artificial intelligence-powered (AI) solutions and software, today announced a collaboration with PemPem, a company that develops mobile-based enterprise resource planning technology for paper-based and informal supply chains. PemPem will integrate Element AI Document Intelligence features into its platform to assist Indonesian palm fruit traders (farmers, transporters, aggregators and processors) in verifying sales transactions. The technology will also help create a more sustainable palm oil supply chain in the region.  

Without data digitalization or formal contracts, workers in the Indonesian palm oil industry worked with unreliable harvesting, market-sales, and income histories. Traditionally, with earnings having been managed through word-of-mouth processes, workers struggled to build credit histories, resulting in barriers to access basic banking services. The palm oil industry is also linked to climate change, with much of the trade being undocumented. 

PemPem will work closely with Element AI to create accurate earnings ledgers for workers through the integration of EAI Document Intelligence with its mobile-based technology. Workers will simply take photos of paper receipts they get from their buyers (processors, aggregators, transporters) with their smart-phones and upload these onto the PemPem App, which will use  the data entity extraction feature in EAI Document Intelligence to automatically extract and verify the information.  The automated data extraction from the receipts will enable the PemPem platform to cross-check and correlate the amounts that farmers are entering with the data extracted from the receipt—ensuring accurate historical records.  

The technology will also be used to digitize information regarding the volume and origin of the palm oil traded, creating a more accountable and sustainable supply chain, ultimately helping combat climate change. The technology can easily be applied to other supply chain applications, in different business scenarios. 

This project is supported by grant funding provided by Prompt, a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating partnerships and R&D financing between businesses and the public research sector. This project is one of 65 innovation projects Prompt has chosen to fund this year.   

To learn more about Element AI and AI-powered solutions, visit: https://www.elementai.com/

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