Infragistics Releases Ignite UI for Angular 11

Infragistics, the software company responsible for the UI/UX solutions powering the web, mobile and desktop applications of the world’s largest enterprises, today announces the official release of its Ignite UI for Angular 11. This release is a fast follow to its Angular 10.2 release in late October 2020 and Angular 10.1 release in August 2020.  As of its early launch to its customers on Wednesday, November 11, Infragistics was the only vendor with Angular 11-compatible UI components. 

Infragistics’ Ignite UI toolkit for Angular 11 includes a complete library of Angular-native UI components, material-based components and 60+ high-performance charts and data grids. The new release includes significant new additions, including updates to all of the Angular grids (Data Grid, Tree Grid, Hierarchical Grid), Export to Excel, Accessibility / ARIA  and more across all of the controls in its enterprise-grade toolkit.

Infragistics’ Ignite UI for Angular 11 includes more than 75 UI controls and 60+ Chart types, including: 

  • Angular Data Grids & Lists — Designed to load and render high volume, real-time data, the virtualized tabular grid, hierarchical grid and tree grid can handle unlimited rows and columns of data. With inline editing, full end-user interactions and export to Excel, the grids can handle any enterprise app demands.
  • Angular Charts — Build expressive dashboards, apply deep analytics, and render millions of data points with 60+ real-time Angular charts. Includes the most-asked-for financial and category charts to fulfill any line-of-business and fintech need.
  • Angular Maps — Display data that contains geographic locations, geo-spatial data loaded from shape files, GeoJSON files or tile sources and geo-imagery from vendors like Azure Maps, MapBox, ESRI and more.
  • Angular Spreadsheet – Create, read or load Excel spreadsheets, or access the full Excel API without installing Excel on your machine. Includes everything from Workbooks and Worksheets to cell editing, conditional formatting, selection, clipboard support and chart support.
  • Angular DockManager – A first on the Web, the Angular DockManager delivers a complete windowing experience, including splitting complex layouts into smaller, easier-to-manage panes, plus multi-monitor support in the browser.

Infragistics’ Ignite UI for Angular release is a fast follow to its recent releases of Ignite UI for React and Ignite UI for Web Components, as well as Ignite UI for Blazor in October.

Infragistics has spent the past 31 years building UI and UX tools that companies like Fidelity, Exxon, IKEA and others rely on to build their core customer experiences.

The company’s expansive portfolio of Web UI and UX solutions borrow from more than three decades of experience building enterprise-grade solutions that empower high-performing teams at the largest companies in the world. 

Infragistics’ Ignite UI web components are also available for frameworks including Blazor, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, React, Web Components and more.

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