WW launches new myWW+ App

WW International, Inc. (NASDAQ: WW), has introduced myWW+ which offers a more holistic approach to weight loss and wellness that focuses on food, activity, mindset and sleep – pillars of health which have a measurable impact on success. Building on the massive success of the myWW program and through a deeply enriching, more interactive and personalized app experience, myWW+ offers members a plan that works best for them with new tools designed to make weight loss easier. 

In addition to featuring an all new Personal Assessment which will help people pinpoint the changes that will power their personal weight loss success, myWW+ delivers customized content powered by a smart personalization platform that uses machine learning and AI to identify the preferences of each unique member — the more a member engages with the content and features, the more myWW+ delivers.

One of the newest features with myWW+ is the Weekly Check-in – a personalized, holistic view of your progress within the app. Members can now review how their week went and automatically receive a Progress Report to see the full picture related to food, activity, mindset and sleep. For the upcoming week, members create an Action Plan by selecting suggested actionable goals or creating their own. Their weekly goal will be displayed to help maintain focus throughout the week. With these new tools that digitize and customize behavioural goal-setting, people will stay engaged and on track to successfully reach their goals.

In addition to understanding your progress and setting goals, myWW+ offers even more features focused on key wellness elements to make the weight loss journey easier and more successful, such as: 

  • Food: New meal planning tools, such as “Meal Planner” and “What’s In Your Fridge” (in beta) to help members customize what they want to eat throughout the week based on their eating preferences, time restrictions and the foods they have on hand.
  • Activity: A redesigned activity experience gives members a new way to view and understand daily activity, weekly goals and progress over time. Members can also continue to move in ways they love with on-demand equipment-free workouts through in-app content from partners such as FitOn and Aaptiv. 
  • Mindset: WW now provides its science-backed mindset techniques in bite-sized audio sessions via new 5-Minute Coaching. These science-backed techniques are rooted in cognitive behavioural, acceptance-based, and positive psychology sciences and are organized by relevant categories such as Manage Eating, Help for Stress, etc. 
  • Sleep: WW members can track sleep (manually or synced through a wearable) to get tailored advice and learn practical, science-based strategies to improve sleep habits. 

The app still includes popular features, such as food, water and activity trackers, the barcode scanner, and Connect – WW’s members-only digital community. Access to the WW app is included with all subscription-based memberships on the myWW+ program. The program is rooted in WW’s scientifically proven approach to weight loss and nutrition and grounded in the SmartPoints® system and ZeroPoint™ foods. WW remains a category leader, having been ranked for a decade as #1 “Best for Weight Loss” by health experts in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Diets rankings. 

For more information, please visit www.ww.ca.

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