Review: Snap Ships Lance & Scout

We’re back with another review of Play Monster’s Snap Ships. This time 12 year old Zavier is here to review the Lance and the Scout:

To refresh your memory, Snap Ships are designed for kids ages 8 and up and go for a suggested retail price of $9.99–$39.99. To tell the epic story of the Snap Ships universe, the company behind Snap Ships which is PlayMonster has joined forces with award-winning content studio Wind Sun Sky to produce a fast-paced and edgy animated series. Season one of the series, Snap Ships Dawn of Battle launched this past Friday on YouTube with new episodes airing every Friday. But there’s more to this toy. Snap Ships is supported by an AR app which allows users to explore the vibrant world of Snap Ships. Highly detailed digital versions of the constructible toys come to life in the app and can be summoned into via Augmented Reality.

Zavier is 12 and by now is a real expert at reviewing these, so let’s see what he has to say:

The SV-51 Scout is the first build in the Lance kit. The SV-51 is a simple ship and very quick to build, a continuing theme within the kits I’ll be reviewing. I noticed it’s a lot bulkier than a lot of the other Snap Ships in my collection. I think it’s good for the most part. My only real gripe with it is how similar it looks to the Locust Support Fighter, which does look slightly better in terms of design.

The second build in the Lance kit is the SAC-Attack Craft. The SAC-Attack Craft is my favourite build out of the two. It emphasizes what I like about the Snap Ship products; the originality. The SAC-Attack Craft is so different compared to all the other Snap Ships I have. It can stand out in a collection which I think is spectacular. It also kind of reminds me of a TIE Fighter.

The second kit is the Sawfly. The first build in the set is the K.L.A.W Mineflayer. The Mindflayer is a fun ship. It looks very insect-like with the back wings and “saws.” It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing ship. It looks very menacing, which is a plus. One thing that isn’t great is its long lower claw. It’s a cool design feature but, it tips the ship off balance and makes it hard to pose. 

The second ship in the Kit is the K.L.A.W Lightscout. The Lightscout isn’t exactly my favourite ship. It doesn’t look great compared to the first build. The large claw on the left looks out of place. Granted, the Lightscout is still somewhat unique. 

Both Kits I received may have had some flaws, but I still think they’re great. The snap ships are still an amazing product and the overall quality has been upheld.

That’s a very detailed review from Zavier and I appreciate his perspective on these new Snap Ships. You can pick them up in the action aisle at Target, or at

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