Trilliant Announces Libra Smart Electricity Meter

With 35 years of innovation in Canada, Trilliant, an international leading provider of utility solutions for advanced metering and smart grid systems, today announced the launch of the Libra Series Edge-Ready Smart Electric Meter for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The meter is purpose-built to support the modern utility throughout its digital transformation journey.     

Trilliant’s acute focus on customer needs and innovation within the Canadian marketplace has paved the way for the creation of this disruptive new offering. Trilliant’s open technology solutions enable customers to leverage the benefits of the Libra Series Edge-Ready Smart Electric Meter regardless of the networking technology they currently have in place, allowing utility providers to upgrade their current systems seamlessly, significantly reducing both risk and cost.   

The Libra Series Edge-Ready Smart Electric Meter provides solutions that customers have identified as key to the development of a new energy economy:  

  • Advanced Communications SupportTrilliant’s Libra metering solution includes a new, ground-breaking dual-band network that offers unsurpassed flexibility in the AMI 2.0 upgrade path, including full backwards support for existing systems, and in-home connectivity required to support the new energy marketplace. The Libra meter allows for multiple communications technologies to be supported simultaneously, including a combination of RF Mesh, LPWAN, Cellular, and others.  
  • Edge Computing and AnalyticsThe Libra’s advanced communications solution allows peer-to-peer data exchange along with connectivity to other public networks providing real-time data to grid, IoT, and other sensors on the distribution system. Support for Edge applications and a unique development ecosystem are also supported.   
  • Field Serviceability – Uninterrupted ServiceThe Libra meter is the first to introduce serviceability of communication solutions in the field, without disrupting power service or Measurement Canada/other meter seals. The meter battery is also accessible for easy serviceability in the field. 

The Trilliant Libra Series Edge Ready Smart Electric Meter will be offered across all standard American National Standards Institute (ANSI) meter types across the U.S. and Canada in late 2021. For more details and product specifications, please visit .

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