TikTok Music 2020: The Full Playlist

Freed from the limitations of programmed radio or streaming playlists, a viral song on TikTok can come from any year, any genre, or any artist, fueled by a community eager to find and share new musical obsessions. 

Canadians were a major part of this year’s Year On TikTok – Music 2020 list, from established superstars like Drake, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd (and really what’s more meaningful a Grammy nomination or TikTok’s Top Artists?), to #TBT artists like Avril Lavigne and Nelly Furtado and new emerging artists that attribute their success to TikTok like Curtis Waters, 437Aiden and Tate McRae.

You can find the complete top TikTok – Music 2020 list here. And here’s an overview of what’s inside to help you discover and navigate the categories that will matter most to you: 

What’s Inside: 

  1. Real Quick: The Fastest Songs To A Billion *Drake
  2. Pick Your Sound: Top Genres
  3. They’ve Got The Hits: Top Artist Catalog
  4. The Come Up: Emerging Artists *Curtis Waters, 437Aiden and Tate McRae
  5. Down The Rabbit Hole: Unexpected Hits and Niche Discoveries 
  6. TikTok LIVE: 2020’s Essential Music Moments *The Weeknd
  7. Celebrating Culture With Music
  8. Iconic: Legendary Acts On TikTok
  9. Remember These? Songs Revitalized On TikTok *Simple Plan, Nelly Furtado and Avril Lavigne

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