TALI CONNECTED Introduces The SP-1 Safety Beacon At CES 2021

TALI CONNECTED, a company dedicated to making motorcycling safer, has been honored as a CES 2021 Innovation Award winner for their SP-1 Safety Beacon. This is the startups second consecutive Innovation Award in Tech for a better World, winning last year for the iT-C Smart Helmet

The SP-1 Safety Beacon helps safeguard riders, provides vital performance data and offers exceptional security when a bike is parked. Compact and discreet (it can be installed under the motorcycle saddle), the device delivers an unparalleled user experience thanks to a powerful interface connected via mobile app and the option to connect seamlessly to the iT-C Smart Helmet. Powered directly by the motorcycle’s battery, it also contains a battery that holds a charge for six months if the motorcycle is left parked for a long time. Connectivity options include GPS, Galileo, Glonass, Beido, as well as Bluetooth BLE and an LTE antenna with an eSIM. It offers permanent and international mobile coverage with more than 170 countries.

Features are:

1 – Detection of a fall or accident by sensors integrated inside the device, which will contact emergency services and notify up to three relatives (configured in the app) to alert and reassure them.

2 – A connected alarm (with a 100 dB siren), which alerts the user via the mobile app (by notification or phone call) when suspicious movement around the bike is detected. The anti-theft protection can be configured to either be discreet and only notify the user, or it can be set to activate the siren.

3 – Trip statistics with real-time positioning accurate to one meter. Statistics include distance traveled, average/maximum speed, journey time, the weather forecast, angles of inclination and for circuit lovers, the best lap times around the circuit. All this data can be shared through the app, and the user can choose who sees what information.

4 – Motorcycle maintenance monitoring with notifications and reminders when key deadlines approach, from milestones like changing your oil every few thousand kilometers to more frequent maintenance such as checking the condition of brakes every couple weeks. The price is currently estimated at $299 USD (€259) and a crowdfunding campaign will be launched in the coming months to bring to market both the Safety Beacon and Smart Helmet.


TALI CONNECTED is dedicated to protecting and supporting the motorcycle community. Their innovations elevate both technology and design, with high performance motorcycle equipment that’s intuitive, integrated and forward thinking. Founder Issam Tali’s inspiration started when his obsession with motorcycles caused his wife to worry for his safety. Rather than dismiss her concerns, he embraced them as his calling, bringing work and pleasure together to start the TALI CONNECTED adventure.

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