Review: Lever Gear CableKit

Lately I have been trying to find products that are small and easy to carry every day so that when the World stops ending, I am covered for a lot of things that I do every day. That was one of the reasons why I was really drawn to the Lever Gear CableKit.

This is a Lightning to USB-A cable that fits on your keychain that is packaged in a durable plastic case.

You can see the case on the top, and the USB-A cable to Lightning on the bottom. If you look at the case, you will see one of the cool things that this setup comes with. It’s a Lightning to USB-C adapter. That way you can also use this cable with a USB-C device. That’s very handy. If USB-C isn’t for you, there’s a Micro USB adapter available as well. I tested this cable and I was able to sync and charge my iPhone 12 Pro without an issue. It is a short cable, but you’re giving up length to get the ability to have this on your person at all times.

There’s also one other handy feature:

There’s a space for 2 micro or nano SIM cards, or micro SD cards. That’s really handy as when traveling was possible, I carried a separate case to put my Canadian SIM card into as I always use a local SIM card to save money. Now the SIM card has a place to go that is always on my person. Cool. This also ties into this feature.

It comes with a sim ejector tool which makes it easy to swap SIM cards and you again always have it on your person. That’s really cool. You’ll also note that besides being able to put it on your keychain, there’s a pocket clip to give you the option of having it securely in your pocket.

I picked this up on Amazon for $20 CDN which is a great price for something that is very handy. If you need a Lightning cable on your person at all times, I’d recommend picking this one up.

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