Review: Victorinox Cyber Tool M

I will say this up front. I’ve had this tool for years. As in over 15 years. It’s survived everything that I could possibly throw at it and it has not failed me once. That tool is the Victorinox Cyber Tool M:

Like I said, I bought this 15 years ago or so and while it does have some light scratches on it, it still looks great. That’s a testament to the quality that Victorinox builds into I use it to do everything from open up computers and to open up Amazon boxes. It fits into my pocket without an issue though it is on the heavy side. The CyberTool is a geek and computer tech’s dream tool because of the amount of tools it provides:

To save you the trouble of figuring out what all of this stuff is, here’s a list:

  1. large blade
  2. small blade
  3. corkscrew
  4. reamer, punch and sewing awl
  5. can opener
  6. screwdriver 3 mm
  7. bottle opener
  8. screwdriver 6 mm
  9. wire stripper
  10. key ring
  11. toothpick
  12. tweezers
  13. mini screwdriver
  14. pressurized ballpoint pen
  15. pin, stainless steel
  16. pliers
  17. wire cutter
  18. wire crimping tool
  19. scissors
  20. multipurpose hook
  21. bit slotted 4
  22. bit Phillips 2
  23. bit Phillips 0 (Pozidrive)
  24. bit Phillips 1 (Pozidrive)
  25. bit Torx 10
  26. bit Torx 15
  27. bit case
  28. bit wrench
  29. female Hex drive 5 mm for D-SUB connectors
  30. female Hex drive 4 mm for bits
  31. bit Hex 4
  32. bit Torx 8

There’s a few things that I would like to highlight here:

Items 29 and 30 are actually located here. I love the fact that they put both of these in the same slot that the bits go into as that saves space.

The pin which is item 15 is hidden here so that it doesn’t slip out and stab you while you have this tool in your pocket. You also are getting a look at the scratches that I have on the tool after 15 years of use.

I found that this covers all my needs with the exception of tools to open an Apple product which tends to use their “unique” screws. I’ll admit that I don’t use all the tools that the CyberTool offers. Like the crochet hook, corkscrew and can/bottle openers and tweezers. But the blades and screw drivers see very frequent use from me. I’m always needing to do things like open the back of a computer, cut open a box, or tighten the screws on my wife’s eyeglasses. Having dropped it in server rooms and kicked it across the room accidentally, I can say it’s a very durable product that will last you years. It also has a very high quality feel as the blades and the like snap into place and that feels the same as they did on day one.

The only thing that you might not like is the price. I found it ranging between $160 to $180 CDN on Amazon. It’s not cheap. But I’ve had mine for 15 years and it’s survived everything that I have thrown at it. Which means it will survive your daily activities with ease.

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  2. […] been carrying this Victorinox CyberTool M for years. And if you look at the picture, it shows as you can see that it does have some […]

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