TikTok Launches Its FIRST North America Brand Campaign Called “Heads Up”

Today, TikTok announced their FIRST North American wide marketing campaign called “Heads Up”, which highlights TikTok’s diverse individuals and communities, as well as celebrate their continued resilience and creativity this year.

The creative spot will feature Canadian creators including LeendaDongBomanizerNotoriousCreeLubalinand Kissy Duerre, and also voiced by actress Gabrielle Union. A localized French version will also be launching featuring TV and radio personality Anne Marie Wittenshaw. The spot aims to turn the camera back on the community – showing emotions we’ve all collectively experienced.

Despite things still being strange in the world, this year, TikTok is looking ahead, becoming stronger, and more united as a community. Because no matter who you are, TikTok is a welcoming space where all kinds of people come together to be entertained. So whether you’re looking for an escape, to find a community, or opening your mind to new ideas and perspectives, you can start on TikTok.

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