Drip7: Training Improves Cybersecurity Awareness For Employees

Cybercrime represents the greatest threat to businesses and organizations in the world today.

The cost of a data breach, in terms of revenue, reputation, legal exposure, and operational disruption, can be devastating. Global cybercrime costs are expected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025, up from $3 trillion in 2015.

By The Numbers:

A New platform was developed as part of a project to enhance the cybersecurity training within a large hospital system. 

It became apparent that the combination of microlearning, customizability, and gamification leading to high ongoing employee involvement answered a need not simply for one client or industry, but for a worldwide digitized economy.

The Training:

  • The program is called Drip7. It applies game design to cybersecurity awareness training to increase retention. 
  • Works off the basic point that one doesn’t internalize something by hearing it once. There must be repetition, in this case seven times.
  • The training arrives in the form of a question a day that the employee answers. This increases engagement in learning and retention, and at its core keeps cybersecurity in the employee’s mind—not by force but through play.

Drip7 already has over 80,000 users licensed on the platform.

Drip7 is the brainchild of cybersecurity expert Heather Stratford as a result of a client wanting to fix a specific problem: empowering the weakest link—the human—to use better cybersecurity. With its first few clients (a large educational institution, hospital system, and government agency), Drip7 is proving its usefulness in changing the old system of training and information retention in any workforce.

You can find out more at https://drip7.com.

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