Review: InvisQi

This week I got my hands on something really cool that I’d like to share with you. Meet the InvisQi wireless charger:

Inside this box is a 10W wireless charger that is different than pretty much any other wireless charger that I have tested. I say that because it is designed to be added to a table or desk so that you can charge your phone through said table or desk. So in effect, you can charge your phone without taking up any desk space with a wireless charger sitting on said desk simply by dropping your phone in the right place.

Here’s a close look at the charger:

It looks and feels like a well constructed piece kit. Here’s what comes in the box:

Going from the top left to right:

  • InvisQi wireless charger
  • Bracket to hold the InvisQi
  • Sticker to indicate where to place your phone once the install is complete
  • Green wireless sensor to indicate that everything is installed properly
  • Double sided 3M stickers to mount it to your table
  • Documentation
  • Power adapter
  • Measuring card

Not pictured is a pack of screws. Two to mount the charger to the bracket. Four to screw the bracket into the table or desk.

Now you can find instructions to install this charger here [Warning: PDF]. But let me walk through what I had to do to get it installed. The InvisQi charges through surfaces between 18-30mm (0.7″-1.18″). That’s kind of important because if you have it too close, I would imagine that you will fry your phone. Or if you have it too far away, it won’t charge anything. Thus measuring the thickness of the desk or table is important. To make that easy, there’s a card that allows you to measure the distance:

The purple part is 30mm. And the light wood part of the table which is the top of the table that I installed it on is 18mm. So in my case, this table fits the minimum specifications for this charger. For the record, it works through glass, wood, plastic, marble, quarts, granite. It will not work through metal.

The next thing I had to do is mount the charger in the charger using the two screws. Then I use the double sided 3M tape on the top portion of the bracket so that I could stick it to the underside of my table.

I then mounted the charger underneath the table. I chose the corner to make it an easy location to change my phone. You can see the screw holes in the bracket and the InvisQi comes with four self tapping screws that allow you to screw it into place. I didn’t end up using them as the 3M tape held everything in place securely.

I then plugged everything in and then I used the green wireless sensor to indicate where the charger was and to confirm that it was working properly.

The flashing light in the middle of the green wireless sensor indicates that the sensor is dead center with the charger underneath the table. So clearly I have this installed correctly.

To make it easy to find the the spot that you need to place your phone on the table, the InvisQi comes with this sticker to help you with that. It’s textured which means your phone won’t slip and slide all over the place.

The total install took about 15 minutes. And I was able to charge my iPhone 12 Pro without issue. And that was with my Spigen Tough Armor Case on it. But to make sure that everything worked properly, I tested my wife’s iPhone XR with her Otterbox case on it.

You can see in the top right corner of my wife’s iPhone that it’s charging. I also was able to charge my Jabra Elite 85T earbuds as pictured here (the green light on the front is indicates it is charging):

I have to admit the InvisQi is very cool. It is easy to install and easy get up and running. My only gripe is the power cable. In some use cases it is going to be too short. Thus if I had to change anything, I would make that cable longer. But other than that, the InvisQi was easy to install, and works flawlessly from my testing. It goes for $99 USD and if you want to reduce the clutter on your desk, but give it some extra functionality, the InvisQi is definitely worth a good hard look.

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