Facebook Caught Auto Creating Pages For Militias And White Supremacists…. Another Reason To #DeleteFacebook

You have to truly wonder how low can Facebook go. The latest thing that Facebook has been caught doing is auto creating pages for white supremacists. Here’s the story from ARS Technica:

Researchers at the Tech Transparency Project found that Facebook created dozens of pages for groups like the “Universal Aryan Brotherhood Movement” when a user did something as simple as listing it as their employer. Some of the autogenerated pages garnered thousands of likes by the time they were discovered by researchers. TTP also discovered four Facebook groups that had been created by users. The researchers shared their findings with Facebook, which removed most of the pages. Yet, two of the autogenerated pages and all four Facebook groups remained active when the group published its findings. Facebook reportedly banned “white nationalist” content following the 2019 mass shooting at a New Zealand mosque, expanding on an earlier ban of white supremacist content. 

It wasn’t hard for the researchers to find offending pages and groups. They simply searched Facebook for the names of neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups identified by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. More than half of the groups in their query of 221 names returned results. A total of 113 white supremacist organizations and groups had a presence on Facebook, sometimes more than one.

This is really, really craptastic. But it gets worse:

Facebook has had similar problems with far-right militias, according to a related investigation by the TTP and Buzzfeed. Facebook had banned several militant groups last August, but researchers turned up still-active autogenerated pages for some of the militias.

This isn’t going to be fixed so long as platforms are allowed to exist at this scale. Creating legal liability for user or automatically generated content would help. But doing so might kill Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Which they deserve if they don’t take responsibility for the content on their platforms. But this story is about Facebook specifically as they are clearly the worst offenders on this front.

Take it from me. #DeleteFacebook

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