Facebook Tries To Spin Its Way Out Of Their Data Breach Crisis…. Which Should Make You Want To #DeleteFacebook

Facebook yesterday decided to respond to reports of a massive data breach that puts the data of over 500 million users at risk. Facebook product management director Mike Clark explained the situation in a blog post published to the company’s newsroom. Having read this blog post, this is a blatant attempt to spin and downplay the breach, likely to avoid people fleeing the platform and having authorities punish the company over it.

Here’s the highlights:

  • Clark acknowledges the Business Insider report regarding a massive leak of data. But at the same time he says that the information was scraped and not obtained through a hack.
  • Facebook is “confident” that it rectified the issue that allowed the hacker to get in and swipe this data.
  • There’s nothing else to see here. Move along.

I am sorry. But this blog post isn’t even close to being good enough in terms of explaining what happened here. Facebook truly needs to be punished for this. Especially seeing as Mark Zuckerberg’s personal data was part of this data breach. Which is a bit ironic. What needs to happen is that either the relevant authorities investigate the company and serve up some meaningful punishment, or via users finally saying enough is enough and dumping Facebook. We’re beyond the point of giving this company a pass and it’s time to finally #DeleteFacebook.

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