Review: Scooch Wingman Case

The second of two cases for the iPhone 12 Pro that I got to look at this week from Scooch was the Scooch Wingman Case which is a transparent case with military drop protection. One thing that is unique about this case is that you can have a your choice of “ReStyle Inserts” to customize your case:

I got four “ReStyle Inserts” of the seven that are available and they look really cool. But you can also just go without one like I did:

Here you can see the back of my iPhone which has a DBrand skin on it. You will note in the middle of the case. That’s a kickstand that is extremely useful.

For starters it can be used as a kickstand in portrait and landscape mode. You can also use this kickstand to get a better grip on the phone, or use it in a car vent.

The kickstand is easy to remove which is important because you need to remove it to wirelessly charge your phone. It’s also replaceable should you break it and it is easy to deploy.

The sides have a very grippy texture which makes it really easy to hold the phone securely. That way you don’t have to test the drop protection with according to Scooch meets the military spec. What helps with that is the fat that the corners are designed to take an impact. The button are also easy to press with a great clicky feel to them as well. The case really has a good feel in the hand as well as it doesn’t feel bulky.

I use a screen protector on my phones and this case doesn’t interfere with the screen protector. Though I will admit that the screen protector cuts into the raised edge that this case has to make sure that the screen doesn’t touch a surface such as a table. You’ll also note that you get 360 degrees of protection with all the cutouts in the right places and in the right sizes.

The Scooch Wingman Case goes for $39 USD. If you want a transparent case that gives you options to allow you to express your style, drop protection and the ability to watch media in portrait or landscape mode, this case is definitely worth a look.

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