Facebook & Instagram Apps Tell iOS 14.5 Users To Enable Tracking So That Their Apps Remain “Free Of Charge”…. I Say #DeleteFacebook Instead

From the “Facebook must really be freaked out” department comes the news that the Facebook iOS app and Instagram iOS app are displaying prompts to enable app tracking which is now a thing in iOS 14.5:

Technology researcher Ashkan Soltani first noted the new pop-up notices on Saturday (see his tweet below), but a Facebook spokesperson directed The Verge to a blog post from earlier last week that detailed the update. The company refers to the notices as “educational screens,” and said they provided “more details about how we use data for personalized ads,” according to the blog post by Dan Levy, Facebook’s vice president for ads and business products. 

“This version of iOS requires us to ask for permission to track some data from this devices to improve your ads. Learn how we limit the use of this information if you don’t turn on this device setting,” the screen reads. “We use information about your activity received form other apps and websites to: show you ads that are more personalized, help keep Facebook free of charge [and] support businesses that rely on ads to reach their customers.”

Let’s be clear here. Facebook doesn’t give a damn about apps being free to you. What they care about is the fact that App Tracking Transparency cuts into their revenue because they can’t track you all over the Internet. And then sell that data to whomever they want because when an app is free, you are the product. And in case you are wondering why Facebook isn’t trying to circumvent App Tracking Transparency, they’re likely worried that Apple will catch them doing it and “Thanos snap” them off the App Store. Thus they have to resort to scumbag activities like this to try and line their pockets with cash.

My advice would be to deny Facebook or Instagram any permission to track you. Or if you want to blanket deny any app from tracking and you don’t want to be bothered to click anything to do it, this article can help you with that. Or better yet, #DeleteFacebook and Instagram. That way you don’t have to be worried about their scumbag activities.

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