FaceBook To Decide Today Whether To Reinstate Donald Trump’s Account…. Which Causes #DeleteFacebook To Trend World Wide On Twitter

It has come to light that Facebook’s Oversight Board is meeting today to decide if former President Donald Trump can return to the platform after being “Thanos Snapped” off the platform as a result of his part in instigating the January 6 riots in Washington DC that left five dead:

The Facebook Oversight Board will announce its decision Wednesday morning whether to allow former President Donald Trump back on the platform, nearly five months after he was suspended following the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. 

If the board decides to let him on the platform, Facebook has seven days to unlock Mr. Trump’s account and turn it back over to him. The decision cannot be appealed. 

The Facebook Oversight Board has 20 members who are based around the world and are lawyers, professors, journalists, and human rights activists. The committee, established by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2019, is sometimes referred to as “Facebook’s Supreme Court” because it can overturn decisions made by company executives and its decisions are final. Mr. Trump’s case will be the tenth decision the board has handed down.

This to nobody’s surprise has resulted in #DeleteFacebook trending world wide on Twitter as evidenced by this:

And of course, people have lots to say about this:

Now if you want to #DeleteFacebook, this Mashable article can help you do it. I suggest that you read it because even if you turn off your Facebook account, the platform or others associated with the platform will still make money off of you. That would be bad. And even if you delete your account, it is possible that third parties may still have access to your data. That is also bad and illustrates why everyone should #DeleteFacebook. The platform is so invasive that nobody should be on it. Not to mention the fact that such a divisive figure like Trump might be allowed back onto the platform.

UPDATE: The decision has just been released and the short answer is no. But you should still #DeleteFacebook.

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