Instagram Deletes Signal Ads Because Facebook Doesn’t Want Signal To Show You How Invasive Facebook Ads Truly Are…. So You Should Really #DeleteFacebook

Signal has had a series of Instagram ads blocked from Instagram after it attempted to show users how much data the Facebook owned company collects about them and how it’s used to push targeted ads. The ads used Signal branding and featured the user’s professional role, education, interests, hobbies, location, and relationship status, among other personal data points pruned from their interaction with the platform to. Unsurprisingly the ads never made it to Instagram users’ feeds and Signal’s ad account for the platform was quickly disabled by Instagram.

In a blog post Signal described how it generated the ads to show users why they were seeing them:

We created a multi-variant targeted ad designed to show you the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to. The ad would simply display some of the information collected about the viewer which the advertising platform uses. Facebook was not into that idea.

Facebook is more than willing to sell visibility into people’s lives, unless it’s to tell people about how their data is being used. Being transparent about how ads use people’s data is apparently enough to get banned; in Facebook’s world, the only acceptable usage is to hide what you’re doing from your audience.

Any business that has to actively hide what it does in order to conduct business is a business that is to borrow a phrase that the young people say is “sketchy A.F.” If you don’t know what that means, ask a millennial. I did. That means that Facebook is “sketchy A.F.” Not that you or I are surprised by that because this is Facebook we are talking about.

In any case, this is another example as to why you should delete all things Facebook.

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