TikTok Partners With Canadian Startups To Offer Creators More Tools

TikTok is always looking for new ways to enable self-expression, creativity, and connection among their communities. The TikTok for Developers program was launched to create innovative tools for third-party apps to integrate with TikTok and provide users more features to create and share amazing content.

Today, they’re excited to introduce the new Sound and Login Kits for TikTok, which will help third-party apps create more frictionless sharing and authentication experiences for their users – including two Canadian startups:

  • LANDR: Montreal-based audio platform integrating with the Sound Kit that will empower artists with a suite of music creation, collaboration, and distribution tools.
  • Snack: Vancouver-based dating app integrating with the Login Kit that will help you find new connections by recording the real you and scrolling through your feed instead of swiping.

In addition to these Canadian partners, the Sound and Login kits include integrations with 16 other third party apps to make it even easier for the TikTok community to express themselves and share their creativity with others. Check out this blog post for full details.

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