Trend Micro Launches First & Only SecOps Solution to Slay Open Source Code Bugs

Trend Micro Incorporated today launched a new, co-built SaaS solution with Snyk, the leader in cloud native application security. The first of its kind, it’s designed to provide continuous insight into open source vulnerabilities for enhanced risk management to drive data-driven decisions.

Trend Micro Cloud One – Open Source Security by Snyk is the newest Cloud One service and the first partner addition to the platform, which is available through the channel as well as AWS Marketplace. 

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This is the first service that provides visibility into open source software vulnerabilities for security operation teams. The use of these open source code components is exploding thanks to the speed, flexibility, extensibility and quality they offer application development teams. According to Snyk, 80% of application code today is open source.

In their Market Guide for Software Composition Analysis, Gartner stated that “Open-source software is used in nearly all organizations. This introduces risks from readily exploitable vulnerabilities; an expanded attack surface through which malware and malicious code can gain access, compromising proprietary code and infrastructure; and legal and intellectual property exposures.”

Snyk has observed 2.5x growth in open source vulnerabilities over the past three years making it more necessary than ever to deliver security further into the DevOps pipeline. However, process gaps, mismatched toolsets and communication challenges between SecOps and DevOps are commonplace. Too often, this means security practitioners face an uphill battle and lack visibility into application build-time risks. This cloud service from Trend Micro and Snyk bridges the long-standing cultural challenges between security and development teams with a unified solution that delivers unique visibility sooner in the software development lifecycle to further protect the stack.

Almost all applications developed across the world in the last 25 years have been built using open source code. As the pressure to build and deliver new cloud-native applications continues to increase, organizations often lose sight of older applications, their component inventories, and maintenance and update cycles—creating further opacity and risk.

Trend Micro Cloud One – Open Source Security by Snyk also enables SecOps to identify vulnerabilities and issues related to licensing. This empowers security teams to better monitor, prioritize and communicate risk and exposure rates within DevOps projects over time. This happens with: 

  • Data-driven security decisions
  • Continuous monitoring of threat levels
  • Effective prioritization of risks and remediation recommendations

Built-in automation also helps security teams quickly identify and gain awareness of indirect open source dependencies that both security and developer teams may not be aware exist in their applications. Approximately eight hours can be saved per vulnerability through automation and early discovery.

The service is available along with the entire Cloud One platform on AWS Marketplace. 

For more information and to get started with Snyk for free today, visit

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