Kokoon Launching In Canada

Kokoon, the creators behind the innovative smart sleep improvement solution, announced today that they will be launching in Canada through their distributor partner T&H Distribution Inc., marking an important milestone in the company’s 8 year history.

Kokoon was founded on the idea of unlocking better health, happiness and performance through a better sleep experience. Developed with the help of Europe’s largest sleep laboratory, Kokoon combines bio-sensing headphones with smart algorithms to deliver a personalised audio experience that helps customers switch off and relax.

‘Always-on’ technology is driving chronic problems with sleep. Insomnia is now classified as “a public health epidemic” by the CDC in the US and in Canada up to 25% of the population are unhappy with their sleep. Each of us will, at some point in our lives, will experience struggles with sleep, be it that long uncomfortable flight or struggling to switch off after a busy, stressful day.

Kokoon’s sleep solution brings together software and hardware that work seamlessly to help you switch off and calm your mind. The key enabler of the solution, Kokoon’s mobile app, features audio techniques, music and coaching developed with sleep professionals. Many of these techniques feature a form of therapy known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). CBT is an evidence-based therapy generally regarded as the gold standard treatment for insomnia with a proven success rate in clinical literature.

Kokoon uses these audio techniques and delivers a customized content experience for the individual by using sensor data gathered from the headphones. For example, as a wearer falls asleep with the headphones in bed, the sensors detect this and working with the mobile app can change the audio response, fading out the content and introducing white noise to mask out disturbances. Over time the platform understands you better, and can personalize your app experience, through audio programmes and tips, empowering you to improve your sleep and relaxation.

Kokoon’s first hardware product, the Relax Headphone, raised close to $2m on Kickstarter. It features the world’s-first innovations in sensing and comfort. The FlexmouldTM Comfort patented design helps the headphones mould to the shape of your head and are comfortable wherever they are worn. Also, thanks to the high quality natural fibre fabric, air flows easily through the ear cups as well to keep your ears cool and comfortable while wearing the headphones for long periods of time. The ear cushions can also be detached and washed to be kept fresh and clean. Kokoon’s noise masking technology is able to block noises such as snoring and outside traffic to make sure your sleep and relaxation is not disturbed.

Also usable as regular Bluetooth headphones, the Relax headphone features premium acoustics from a 40mm electro dynamic driver making them ideal for listening to music or watching movies whilst travelling or simply relaxing at home. At just 350g/12.03oz they also make the perfect travel companion with an included carry case.

The Kokoon Relax headphone is now available in Canada from Kokoon.io for $399.00

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